Landlords consider their options

Limited Companies

In a bid to hold onto their mortgage interest tax reliefs, many landlords are now choosing to purchase via limited company structures. These can still claim the tax relief and are especially attractive to higher rate tax payers. Lenders are doing everything they can to accommodate them, and there are now more limited company buy-to-let mortgages available than ever before.

Holiday Buy-To-Lets

Holiday property investments are exempt from the 2017 tax relief changes and generally command much higher weekly rents. Keeping the property occupied year-round is much harder, but for those with an appetite for the work, holiday lets are often an attractive investment opportunity.

Houses in Multiple Occupation

Research released by Leeds Building Society showed that the rental yields of houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) are higher than those of any other property type, attracting much attention to the sector. Historically, lenders were wary to lend on such property, looking carefully at the number and type of tenants, the value and location of the property, and lending only to applicants who satisfied stringent criteria, such as a track record in the sector. Those criteria remain strict, but the range of HMO mortgage products has increased a great deal. This has opened up opportunities for landlords who previously might have had difficulty securing finance for an
HMO investment.


Products are now available that provide short-term funding to landlords looking to renovate their properties prior to renting. This allows them to boost yield and capital value before then switching to a standard buy-to-let mortgage.